Dubai Desert Safari with Dune Buggy

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 1 Person Evening Desert Safari Tour +
1 Hour Single Seat Dune Buggy 1000 CC at Red Dunes Dubai

Explore the Dubai Desert like a solo traveler in this thrilling evening desert safari tour. Take a drive of 1-Hour excursion in a Single-seat Polaris RZR 1000cc Dune Buggy to explore the beautiful Red Dunes of Al Lahbab. Book Dubai desert safari price! This package is for an entire evening safari round ensuring that it will be a memorable tour. In this package we provide a 1 person pick and drop service from Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, and you enjoy Dune Buggy, Thrilled Dune Bashing by Land Cruiser Designed at red dunes Dubai desert. Witness a stunning sunset, go sandboarding over the dunes, or camel ride, the Arabian Gahwa, traditional henna tattoos, entertainment shows belly dance, Tanoura show, and a delicious BBQ dinner at your desert adventure leaving you completely satisfied.

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Desert Safari with Dune Buggy Trip

Single Seat Polaris 1000 CC Dune Buggy Dubai

The single-seater Polaris RZR 1000CC in different colors gives you a true rider experience for an exciting ride in the desert. Dubai has tourists from all over the world, getting a chance to take the drive. Crossing vast deserts and never-ending dunes can be handled well as a solo driver, fearless on a 1-seater Monster – Polaris RZR 1000CC!!

The design on this machine is attractive and it is the perfect bike to get you from Dubai into an epic journey with desert adventure! Your experience should be a desert conserve of memories. Schedule your desert exploration now and experience the wonders of the dunes as never before!  Book a single-seat dune buggy and enjoy your ride with us! Dubai desert safari price.


Dune Buggy Dubai Tour Safety Tips

Experience through the dunes of Dubai would be a thrilling experience with the Dune buggy tours, but always safety as our first concern. Start with the proper safety equipment as such a helmet, gloves, and goggles. Always Wear Your Seatbelt! Remember that your tour guide to give you a safety briefing as they provide some of the most important instructions.

Be sure to drink plenty of water before and during your ride, as the desert sun can be very hot.  Whether you are a frequent seeker of thrills, or it will be your first time as an adventurer. Come with us as we venture out into the beautiful desert, in stunning style come make memories that will last you a lifetime.


Age Limit for Single-Seat Dune Buggy Dubai

Only those who are 18+ years or older can drive the single-seat dune buggy. The age prohibition ensures that the drivers are physically strong and coordinated as well as mature enough to control the powerful car. First of all, safety is the most important thing and it is up to these age requirements that we can avoid any accidents. To be safe always ask the tour provider as they may have differing age policies.

Come with us as we venture out into the beautiful desert, in style and comfort come make memories that will last you a lifetime.

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Desert Safari with Dune Buggy FAQs

The buggies that are used in the tours usually have a large engine capacity of 1000 CC, whereby the tours are done on the red dunes Dubai Desert.

The single seat dune buggies are designed for a single person with a single seat which makes it unique and adventurous to experience in Dubai desert.

The tour occurs in the open desert particularly the Red Dunes of Al Lahbab. Which present a beautiful view as well as a difficult surface.beautiful view as well as a difficult surface.vulputate enim nulla aliquet porttitor lacus luctus accumsan tortor posuere ac ut consequat semper viverra nam libero justo laoreet sit amet cursus sit amet dictum sit amet justo.

The person has to be more than 18 years old to be allowed to drive the single-seated dune buggy to avoid cases of accidents.

The service offering entails a one-hour trip in a single-seating Polaris RZR 1000 CC dune buggy in the desert, followed by all evening safari activities where everyone can enjoy dune buggy, dune bashing, sand board, camel riding, watch a belly dance show and tanoura dance, fire show, indulge in tradition Arabian Gahwa, get a henna tattoo and finally enjoy a BBQ dinner. Furthermore, transfers in a shared 4×4 vehicle for pick up and drop off are offered to enable easy access.

Total duration of this tour 7 to 8 hour in which include a pick and drop service, from city to desert 45 to 50 minutes’ drive and 1 hour dune buggy ride at red dunes Al Lhabba desert, thrilled dune bashing by land cruiser, sand board, camel riding, watch a belly dance show and tanoura dance, fire show, indulge in tradition Arabian Gahwa, get a henna tattoo and finally enjoy a BBQ dinner. Evening desert safari pickup time 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM and Drop off time 09:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

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